Turns out avocado makes for an unquestionably amazing home-churned treat.

Especially strewn with bits of dark chocolate, the original vegan recipe by freezing-up-a-storm-Max-Falkowitz on Serious Eats is perfect. The flavor of the buttery fruit is dragged right out into center stage, sugared, brightened with lime and a pinch of salt. But I recently happened to have a bottle of goat’s milk kefir in the fridge that needed using, so presto:

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Dinner, Lunch

INAUTHENTIC PHAT THAI | japanese eggplant, rhubarb, peanut

In one month, a middle-of-the-night flight will deposit A. and I in Phuket. We’re going on a little adventure.

We already shook on squeezing in four meals a day. And phat thai is, for many of us, the singular noodle dish that represents Thailand’s famously delicious street food.

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Breakfast, Snack

THREE SMOOTHIES | a guest post at thriving home

This week I’ll simply point in the direction of the wonderful Thriving Home blog, where three healthy smoothies await.

Polly and Rachel have been offering warm encouragement, tips, crafty DIYs, and healthy meals on their blog for years, and I’m delighted these lovely ladies said yes when I asked if I could share my smoothie obsession.

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Breakfast, Sweet

BUCKWHEAT CRISP | rhubarb, ginger, strawberry

For those of us for whom baking is a baffling science, there is always the fruit crisp.

It’s naturally inexact. Just a handful of this fruit, a handful of that fruit, and a bit of sugar. As for the topping, the best crumbles use 1:1:1:1 ratios across the board. You could use an old coffee mug to measure and still get a fantastic result.

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